“A Little Music Theory Rambling Update / 09.10.2015”

The more I live, the more I realize, hell, I’m just not as tough as some people. For instance, there are people out there who can read an entire Kafka book. I mean this guy makes Hemingway look like a cheerleader… loosen up your bootstraps and have some fun, pal!

But it just shows, they’re on such a journey for knowledge that they’re willing to put up with that incredibly torpid style for a whole book-length project — it’s an acute concentration of belief in human truth, a truth which is to be derived by semantic character juxtaposition.

And just as this cognitive fortitude shines through in some, so obviously does physical toughness, which I sometimes think I’m lacking in, though I also think I’m cosmically handicapped in this department, thus making it not really my fault in the first place. Anyway, my point is, I’m amazed every day, by people doing things I can’t. There are fitness centers opening up all over town, and people go in there and run at six a.m. I’d be way too lazy to do this. But, it is a balancing out, for our livelihoods are ever more sedentary and technologically based, so called upon is such a pervasion of physical release outlets. It’s a treasure for which the demand has increased, and as a result, so has the supply, which is a healthy human development.

And as I’m not a scientist, I’m not going to get into other supply/demand phenomena which would regard things like fossil fuels, but rather am going to focus on music. Music is something that discourages me lots of times, because I work in a meat market dance club doubling as an Applebee’s-caliber restaurant, and when it’s bad it’s the sort of beneath-the-desk protoplasm that can make you want to take an AK-47 to the human race. Granted, there are some good songs, Pharrell – “Happy,” Meghan Trainor – “All about That Bass,” but at times I feel like it’s controlled in certain hands… namely, white hands. Caucasian hands.

The question is, does music have the potential to actually, entirely become doomed, at some point in our highly regulated society. Well to me, the popping up of all these fitness clubs to counteract the sedentary aspects of our occupations is actually a good sign — it shows our world’s ability to balance itself out, to exfoliate itself, so to speak, to continually produce opposites to serve a greater harmony… so it follows that music should do the same.

One thing’s more sure, music is theoretically, THEORETICALLY, no less desirable than it’s ever been. It’s almost impossible to find a silent pub these days. Down the way from my place, they pump a bit more of an eclectic mix, and it’s left a bit more up to the staff, so you get some random stuff like Godsmack – “Voodoo,” and R.E.M. (which invariably gets made fun of for being suicidal people’s music)… but it always seems to generate a discussion one way or the other, as well as being there, in the first place. And I know a lot of girls that hate the place where I work, though some of them are just crazy. C’est la vie.

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