The Velvet Underground & Nico: Really Peeling the Banana”

I’m in the sort of mood today where I feel like I’m closing in on some cosmic truth, rejecting endeavors of the flesh, and seeking only vision that’s undeniable, integral and self-evident. I got to thinking about the old stoned parties (or parties-on-wheels) we used to have, times where the capability for feeling rich in spirit and vision was thick and abounding, obligations null, and what I thought of in particular was listening to “Venus in Furs” on this mixtape. Though reflective and ruminative, it is ultimately, also, a song of action, to set it in differing from Califone’s “Burned by the Christians,” for one, which is by and large a song of reflection. It’s human nature to seek stability and placid, agreeable truth, but The Velvets remind us that the essence of life is actually an unstoppable, orchestral struggle.

But even more, it’s one where the most unavoidable, telling definitions of who we are come corporeally, with everyday things, like a banana. Ironically, this has a bit to do with Califone’s titular concept with their album Roots and Crowns, which comes from a novel The Rebel Angels wherein a particularly sagacious figure provides the following advice to another: “Let your root feed your crown.”
I used to have this girlfriend who once posted the following quote on AOL Instant Messenger: “Our purest love is the love of food.” She’s very intuitive, but in this, also prone to alcoholism, feeling as she is of the darkest most foreboding cosmic messages to which we may be privy. But I always tried to be like her, and I learned a lot from her. I always tried to be direct, and to be governed and directed by that which made me feel, most strongly.
In this, though, I obviously run into certain challenges intrinsic to existence itself. Like, it’s possible that men are just tautologically antipathetic to one another. This in particular makes college education null and void. In college, you’re likely to be taught things like Rousseau, overly stuffy and academic things (the next person to call Wordsworth or Keats stuffy and academic is getting a beer-crotch), anyway, things which operate under the principle that humanity is rudimentarily good, and so humanitarian progress should be the objective of the righteous mind, and your mind, for paying all this money, should be righteous. Actually, life is more like a hunting and gathering, but with this, a defending. You can’t just go into situations totally clueless as to their semantic paradigm, with this happy-go-lucky piece of paper called a liberal arts diploma, and expect people to just bow before you, making themselves your subservient. And lots of times, things just have to do with where you are. Like, you’re where you are, you’re not over there, and this is not just a miscellaneous, satellite-camera documentable tidbit, it’s actually deeply connected to whether or not you will have success in life, because damn intuition, simple love and appreciation for your surroundings is irreplaceable.
So anyway, I guess my advice upon realizing that it’s actually just a “banana” on the cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico, rather than something that would beckon a further sociological search upon any of the band’s secret, legendary model tenets they might wield, is to just go with the simplest, most direct, first thing you see in life, and for Christ’s sake, stop thinking so much.

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