“Zombie Sex Bots”

Well, summer of 2015 is here, and it’s official: we can’t shut up about zombies and sex. I was just reading this New Yorker article about man potentially beginning to go to Mars in a few years, and it cited this book that said one of the first buildings up there will be “sex motels.”

Now, this is troubling, I thought. We’re getting off to a very bad start morally on our new planet. As someone who has at former times in his life been an aspiring teacher, I find the deck is somewhat stacked against me… I mean people are just brimming over with sex thoughts, and the sexual appeal of high school girls is propagated unabashedly in movies. It’s almost to the point where if you want to be a teacher, not to say people automatically think you’re a pervert, but they give you the sort of “pervert scan,” an in fact very “Martian” look-over of your intentions. Christ remember when teaching held the number one wellness level among careers nationwide?
So what will the next person on the street be whom I see… will it be a zombie sex bot? Do most people even know that Pride and Prejudice, eventually turned into Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, is actually a pretty interesting novel, which like Jane Eyre involves a young woman deviating from what would have been the sociological norms imbued her by her inherent position, and following her heart? Do most people even know that it’s, in its own way, dark?
So what’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… is that what “post-modernism” is now? Look, maybe I’m just so upset about all this because I’m barred from following my career path on account of what is apparently a “moral paradigm,” which I come now to find out has been supplanted by a general likening to cannibalistic night stalkers. It’s like I’m stuck in this cavernous logical abyss, and the key to get out has been replaced by the mandate to stay in it.

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