“(Inter-)National Blur Appreciation Week”

There are no events associated with National Blur Appreciation Week, you just get the glory of reading Dolby Disaster, which is all you really wanted, anyway. And you get the glory of listening to Oasis. I mean Blur.

We’re all, in some way, wowed by circumstances greater than our lives. We hear about wars fought, tales of bravery a la Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Paul Revere… and with us being artists, if we should choose such a phantasmagoria or in the event that said phantasmagoria should have the unmitigated audacity to choose us, it’s our responsibility to channel that very force of outlying physical achievements, be they i.e. space travel, and wield an akin kinetic energy, in the chamber.
This is all ironic, because of just how damn PASTORAL, but efficacious, Blur can be, such as on their new song “Thought I Was a Spaceman.” I wrote a positive review of The Magic Whip and posted it about a month ago, I’d like it if you’d check that out.. I basically peg them with most closely composing a componential Radiohead sync, the flamboyant tinge coming from the band’s palpable sense of disaster’s potential — they don’t INDULGE like sundry copycats Midlake, Muse and Wolfmother, to name a few. The music is more allegorical, the music simply sidles in as inarguably its phenomenal form, but goes about its business lithely, so that it’s more like a huggy bear walking into a bank and making a deposit, than some teller attempting to aurally transform into a huggy bear… the whole idea being, these guys couldn’t be normal if they tried. But me, I could. I think I could. Anyway, maybe that makes it easier for them to make fun of things.

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