“Hedonism onto Charmingly Woeful British Kitsch: Noel Gallagher”

Oh, Noel Gallagher. You were all too right when on the self-proclaimed classic Oasis album Be Here Now you pleaded to your brother: “Don’t go away.”

I must say, Noel Gallagher delivered pretty much the perfect interview for Spin in what must have been about late fall 2005, getting toward Christmas time. Standing on the shoulders of giants as he does, the behemoth rock god shed light on an unprecedented concentrate of hubristic self-worth, declaring that on his tombstone he wanted written: “Here likes a genius, keep the fu**ing noise down.” When asked about his brother Liam he indoctrinated us as to the facts that “Not only can I read him like a book, I can play him like a fu**ing accordion!”

Fast forward a decade, Oasis-sans-Noel has grown progenitors of deliciously listenable Beady Eye (I don’t care how much PJ Harvey hates Oasis, I’ll always sort of have a soft spot for them, Rock ‘n’ Roll Star is by far the perfect bar song for midday, crowded, written by you guessed it Liam)… whilst trusty ol’ senior lad Noel bequeatheth something of which we should KISS THE GROUND WALKED UPON, nothing short of the GODLIKE HIGH FLYING BIRDS. Yeah that’s right, get it, it’s ironic that he says they’re high flyin’ (on coke) but the only thing they do is sound like a bunch of sessions musicians politely shmoozing out a stately score, that is, if it’s cool to you, while Noel opens his mouth for some reason, the mathematical whiz kid that he is, each song jibing perfectly with unflinching convention. I’d give it a perfect 10… 10 people frequenting the band’s Manchester show.

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