“Rock and Roll Pet Peeves Revisited: Fake British Accents”

* “There ain’t no good guys / There ain’t no bad guys / There’s only you and me / And we just disagree”


Ain’t that the damned truth. But sh**, everyone’s different, and even if you have platitudes, as long as they’re YOU’RE platitudes, I don’t see anything wrong with it. In fact, the unique ability of white people on this earth is the keen penchant for disapproving of things, and being turned off by things.

And I have to say mine is FAKE BRITISH ACCENTS! Enter Alien Ant Farm, see, I abide a WHOLE LOT of mainstream, emo bands. Hearing Jimmy Eat World – “Sweetness”, My Chemical Romance – “Sleep”, even some Exies, really does it sometimes. AAF should have been another one of these underdog, scrappy acts, capable of aging well and making their way even onto the hipster’s iPod here and there (I’m a hipster by South Bend, Indiana standards).

But I mean, the whole point is supposed to be that the British emulate US. And hey, “lit mob,” there’s a reason why British haven’t written novels lately. Chances are they were way better at it than Americans. I believe in a thing called rock and roll. Cream, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, on down through the New Radicals. Books? Boring!

AAF sound like a band that don’t read, but think reading is cool, to score chicks, like the people who put “reading books” as a favorite activity, on facebook, but then don’t even list any books in their “favorite books.”

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