“An Historical Valediction of Jack White’s Geographical Move to the South”

It’s always a convoluted effort considering the behavior of any noble beasts. There’s history to study, but rock and roll rewrote history, and rock and roll only goes back so far.
We could study animals, but animals are just as ruthless as humans. For instance, we could be like, the monarch butterfly goes through exactly four Himalayan summers with its full plumage, so an ornery garage-blues act from Detroit should make exactly four influential albums. But monarch butterflies are just as likely to go for self, playin’ out the other Monarch butterflies if the spirit moves ‘em.
Somehow Jack White fell in love with country music, I guess. I mean, the south is a lot different from the north. There are plenty of other cities he could have moved to that are liveable, Chicago, Toronto, Columbus, Cincinnati, there’s even moderate-sized towns, Madison, Syracuse and obviously his near and dear Ann Arbor.
Everyone makes their own in their own home, in some way or another, though, and Eminem for one has stayed in Detroit, because there’s always something in someone’s home that he or she falls in love with, that’s just the way it is. So it stands to reason that in moving to Nashville, Jack White is in love with country music, because as was detailed in Ama nda Petrusich’s It Still Moves, Nashville is in large part industry veneer, mobile gurus inhabiting the local hotels (where the author would be in Pixies t shirt and ripped jeans).
And country music actually existed before rock and roll, unless a black dude sold that to us for a meal or two, too. See, history is in the works again, and Chuck Berry, apparently, stole from that “white boy hillbilly music” to galvanize rock and roll with. so it looks like Jack White is on to something here after all. A sort of reverse Elvis phenomenon.

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