“College Girl”

I’d made my way

Back to the crappy bar
With the crappy music,
But not crappy in a white trash way,
Just in a way that it’s South Bend, Indiana,
The other side of South Bend, Indiana,
Right across the street from Notre Dame,
And it was cloudy and in the low 30’s about 1:30 am,
Life has given me spectral unfoldings of varying mine-ness,
And this college girl
With a face like a feather
Is sitting there staring at me,
All sympathetic, buxom, virgin and still.
I have everything I need,
The walls are made of wood,
The thicket humans are doing the motion,
But all of a sudden,
I’m back in college again.
I have no idea what to do,
I can’t even look at this girl
Maybe ‘cause she doesn’t look like
Those flapping images I bashed with a sauce pan.

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