“Canada (A Poem to Pitchfork)”

Greetings to you, whether you’re immersed in electronics or not.

I guess I’m a perfectionist,
And I never killed an Iraqi,
But I know a ceiling light when I see one,
I know an electronic garage door opener when I see one,
And I know a good song when I hear one.

And then there are machines.

And I’m
Not talking
About those
“Sketchy” machines
In The Wall
That go marching,

I’m talking about the bundled
“Machines” that are the
Smashing Pumpkins, and
The bundled “machines”
That are the Foo Fighters.

In fear of castration, no one finds the true sound.
The story of the 2000’s outside of Canada.

I almost went and danced one time,
Out on a boulevard,
In front of a bunch of cars.

But then,
People watch horror movies.
This is the dance,
We crave the light shield.

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