“An Absurdly Cursory Review of McCormick’s Open Mic Night, 09.23.2014”

How many other modes of expression than rock and hip-hop have popped up, only to be thrown off? Is it a dearth of variety, or is it that we simply have the luxury of being picky?

Being at McCormick’s Open Mic Night here in the downtown of my hometown, South Bend, Indiana last night, I’d say we’re doing alright. There was a dizzying array of influences within the three consecutive hard rock bands (which followed something jammier, but certainly passable) including even Bad Brains and The Melvins.
Whether ironically or not, the term “math rock” was founded very closeby, over in Chicago, of which some call South Bend a “suburb,” though it really isn’t. Chicago people think they’re being kind by saying that, but really, they don’t know what they’re missing. South Bend is actually more ethnically blended, which, I’ll say, can be a blessing or a curse, but when it’s a blessing, like it was last night, it’s like all points of the universe aligning to create a cosmic dream, in which you stride forth in balanced essence.
So you can evaluate music all you want, “mathematically,” and truly this is what a music “snob” is, someone who doesn’t realize that there’s no substitute, ever, for live sound. VOLUME. Also, musical artists who complain about their sh** getting downloaded, though they may have some of a justification, fail to realize this to enough of an extent. Frustrated at the lack of scientific, quantitative progress in rock music in the last 25 years? K, let’s rock out. There, that helps.

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