“On Green Day’s Liars Influence”

You might say Green Day was carrying the west coast pop torch in 2012, judging by my expert opinion here in Indiana, because I hated that XIWIX album or whatever, though I love Mess. And I’m hardly to blame here. I once lived out west, and I once met this self-purported music fan from LA who had NEVER HEARD OF NO AGE, and his favorite band from LA was System of a Down. And make no mistake, this wasn’t some tattoo-covered misanthrope, he was a good looking guy visiting Asheville who grew his own weed and had a woman and a daughter of one year old. And I keep hearing about LA’s “oppressive” noise scene. And I keep hearing about LA’s “Oppressive” noise scene. And I keep hearing about LA’s “oppressive noise scene.” Did you hear that? I said, I keep hearing about LA’s “Oppressive” noise scene. Apparently it’s not THAT oppressive.

Anyway, lotta good Green Day material for you to hate from 0-12 (though make no mistake, they hate you too, see Insomniac’s “I hate you”); here’s my best-of mix from the three albums:

1 Ashley
2 Nightlife
3 Let Yourself Go
4 Rusty James
5 Wild One
6 Nuclear Family
7 Oh Love
8 Stop When the Red Lights Flash
9 Sex, Drugs & Violence
10 The Forgotten
11 Little Boy Named Train
12 X-Kid
13 Troublemaker
14 Lady Cobra
15 Amy
16 Lazy Bones

…and the song I’m talking about is “Lady Cobra,” it bears a striking resemblance to some song on Liars (2007), I think it’s track 09, where he’s like, “Hey hey hey when the water was grey / And somethin’ somethin’ somethin’ and it washed us away…” You might ask, what’s the signficance of Green Day being influenced by Liars? They, like, suck, anyway. I’m gonna go find some obscure sh** from DC that all the other long haired dues haven’t heard of. I guess I’m erring on the side of people not having heard of sh**, and I had two bands to get me through the average day out in Colorado: Wolf Eyes and Liars. Somewhere in mid-California is the dividing line between rock and electronica, and if you find it, well, I hope you’re by a computer.

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