“Sound and Living”

I just cracked open this Audio Xpress magazine that I’d had sitting in its brown paper wrapping for like a year or so. This is just a superstition I have, I guess. And even though I don’t own all the technological instruments they talk about, I still get a kick out of reading the writing sometimes, because it’s really the work, often, of mad scientists, verbose diatribes prevailing sometimes culminating in things like “At this point I made a number of arbitrary decisions.” Yes, we’re truly witnessing the making of Frankenstein.

But is it “cognitive dissonance” you eventually get to, when you’re so obsessed with creating the perfect sound? How much of life is actual, tactile and physical, and how much is just assumed, based on agreed motifs and cooperation? All I really want to be is like Bob Marley — agreeable, laid-back, friendly and understood, and the ironic thing is, obsession with the tactile can lead, I think, to a feeling that’s very abstract, meaningless and detached, whereas choosing the right profession dealing with interaction, or simply just having the perfect day, can give the right feeling OF the tactile — just sinking into the moment, into what life’s given you. The perfect sound, I think, is on Led Zeppelin’s “Nobody’s Fault But Mine,” but at the end of the day, I think, they’re really just boys, and this really isn’t their own fault at all.

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