When you don’t make love, you get too stuck in the past. And when all you do is think about someone you’re away from, you get stuck to that person, and you’re actually hurting them too, by not seeing them. Two people elated and disbanded are a mutually destructive situation, though maybe all you’d be learning from each other is just how to get along. You’d hope life would be more than this, just getting along, but with all the deaths you read about nowadays, are we really in tall stature to ask for more? Light shines on you, but it also shines from within. People search for truth, but humility is actually the opposite of truth, and it’s humility that breeds happiness, if someone with you or around you can understand you. So there, I’m telling you all this, but I’ll give you some advice too: if you have a dog, take it on a car ride with you whenever you can.

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