“Sustaining Demon Tree”

There’s something about the beauty of an endless row of boarded-up buildings on a cloudy day, while young women get fashion trends imported to them, thinking nothing of it. The younger generation inherits the world, and in the pursuit of precipitation, you make your own identity.

You should have known when the Holistic Art Wellness Center closed down that this really was rock and roll slavery, but that no one thinks anything of it. That piece of paper you earned in college might as well get slime on it to attract flies. Reality, yeah, it’s there, but in this age, identity combats reality, and people don’t know what they want until they see it. Universities teach you that knowledge is power, and that having a broad view of the world will be a key to your success, but this is only true should you find a broad niche which others are willing to see as becoming of you. Don’t try taking a broad, distanced perspective into a narrow, rat-race coolie dead end, because this is failure tasted as unmistakeable as your morning coffee.

What we really want in life is approval, and smiles for others, but when we get this, it may seem that it was random, so we search for a paradigm for sustaining such success. We try to avoid lying, with cheating perhaps less unattractive in some circumstances, but the realization is inevitable that you’re not only an agent but an object, composed mostly of water, on which the world acts as well as reacting. Finally, the miracle at the end is a simple friend, when you aren’t sure what the hell you ever wanted anyway, and you pity the landscape that tastes you.

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