“A Pledge for CD in Everclear’s ‘My Sexual Life'”

My first experience with Everclear was seeing them on MTV for “I Will Buy You a New Life,” and my dad was into them too. It takes a pretty cool band to withstand these initial hindrances.

Not that Sparkle and Fade, their earlier album, cripples such might. And yeah, they do have one before Sparkle and Fade, World of Noise, and yeah, it rocks, it’s like The Offspring, from So Cal as well, but just a little more dramatic. The songs are about women, not materialism, so they’re rock, not punk.

Yeah, that’s what I said, they’re ROCK. Kinda got a ring to it, eh? Before the melodramatic, patriotic porridge that would come along in the 2000’s, these guys strapped on and just let it wail with HOOKS, and memorable statements about women. “My Sexual Life,” the last song on Sparkle and Fade, could also be called “Where the Sidewalk Ends.” So where you go, even if it is a ripoff of Pavement’s “Box Elder” (there are worse songs to rip off), is a concise little rampage that would only be insulted by vinyl. It’s not that it sounds worse on CD, it’s that it doesn’t sound as good.

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