“The Animals: Saving the “A”‘s on my iTunes”

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Apparently somewhere up in the sky, somewhere, there are stars aligning, lil balls o’ energy, but down here in the land of the monkeys-with-a-brain, my iTunes still opens up at “A” every time I click on it. A.C. Newman, get bent, Annuals, get bent, Antlers, get bent, Animals, don’t get bent! Lester Bangs would like this tale of amorousness that is track two of The Very Best of the Animals, after you skip over the loathsome “House on the Rising Sun”… because this track 02 is blues that is not trying to do too much… it’s not assuming too much synthetic “sophistication,” the way Eric Clapton has a wont for doing, and it’s not slowed down too much, the way the tainted “Red House” on Jimi Hendrix’ otherwise wistful Live at Winterland is.

And then the madness really starts on track 03 — the keyboard comes in, and it’s this type of thing that put the Animals on the map, though this song isn’t egregiously overplayed like “House,” and it even features the best eight second guitar solo ever recorded. Radio formulaic dross? We finally got outta this place.

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