“Life, or the Shot, is a Matter of a Bent Whisker”

“Think of all the places that get it crazy. Who plays tonight? Ohio St. and Michigan St. Pph. Hell yeah. Ohio, comin’ through with the crazy Wio-Wio. Even Wichita St. This dude in Denver said Wichita was smaller than Denver, and also rougher.”


“Ohio, isn’t Youngstown all crazy?”

“Oh yeah, like in that Cam’ron song.”

“Yeah, man. I bet they eat rat and coon there.”

“Ha, yeah, that sh** is pretty crazy. Oh, here’s Leah. Ey. We were just talkin’ about college basketball.”

“Oh yeah, do we play tonight?”

“No. We were talking about Ohio St. playing Michigan St., and how it’s like all crazy in those places.”

“What the hell’s that have to do with basketball?”


“The players play with more desperation and intensity, theoretically.”

“Lane, I think you been watchin’ too much TV.”

“I have, I have been watchin’ too much TV. I haven’t even hunted for my own rabbit in over a week.”

(Nervous laughter).

“Uhh, well Nick, what’d you wanna do today?”

“We were gonna go eat at Penn Station.”

“Yup, that’s right. Lane, it was nice talkin’ to you.”

“See ya guys.”

(Can only hope for a cameo with that one. Where’s YOUR next meal comin’ from? And what’s it for?)

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