“‘Eon’ by Supergrass: The Song’s Meaning at a Dot Com”

I know what the song’s about. What it’s ABOUT… is the wailing, bulbous guitar that chimes in after the song’s lyrics have come to a subsiding. It’s BULBOUS in a certain sense, because even though it’s a bit shrill and grainy, it’s got a mellow, round underbelly, I’m talking about the sound here. The way the sound travels, too, the sound’s aftertaste, if you will, is very much full of vibration. It’s the sort of guitar sound that’s just so UNDERSTANDABLE. Plangent is the word, for anyone curious.

There’s this site called songmeanings.com that I just went to; it seems to pop up a lot in my searches, though I usually assume it’s a total fop. This reasoning is in no wise diminished when the surfer sees the bevy of tumultuously obnoxious ads splaying themselves every which way about the vista. Hardly a zen-expert haven of spiritual enlightenment, the page I was at, which I believe was just titled “Eon lyrics” did at least furnish a comment section at the bottom for discussion of the song’s meaning.

Rock lyrics, at their best, are undeveloped, juvenile temper tantrums, and the best song on Supergrass is “Your Love”: “And when I said I need love / You pushed me through the window.” Nirvana: The Biography by Everett True, the author being a man seasoned beyond almost all comprehension in Nirvana lore by way of copious touring, interviewing and what seems to be, though I’m not sure, general, miscellaneous soul-flippy-flopping, does a nice job of taking a light-hearted and scathing stance on the proffered significance of lyrics’ meaning, and one time I found this book that claimed to actually declaim the meaning of all the Nirvana songs… I turned it straight to “Milk it” and it said something about Grateful Dead and psychedelica. And then I wished I had some chocolate milk to dump on the book.

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