“Punk is Expression”

This was going to be a post about Billie Joe Armstrong, but lo and behold, it’s about {Less Than Jake} lead singer. Contrary to popular belief, this guy exists.
That is, according to THE INTERNETS. This is what I had to use to look up his name, since no one ever knows his name, though people do know that they hate Less Than Jake, like the guy I worked with one time who actually bragged about having gone to a Less Than Jake show and flipped “the lead singer” off. I HATE THAT GUY, he went on to express to me. He was always championing Modest Mouse, of whom I was probably at my pinnacle of liking, then.
Anyway, Less Than Jake’s got this song Krazyglue on Losing Streak, and the lyrics look at times when we feel aloof, like we don’t have any direction. It’s basically about not having a clue. You might say this goes hand in hand with being a loser, which, itself, arguably goes hand in hand with making punk music. I realize you could take this a lot of different ways.
Well, “Krazyglue” goes “Tradition seems to stick / Tradition seems to stick / Tradition seems to stick to you / Just like krazyglue.” It is every bit a good song as it sounds like. It will every bit beat your ass that you think it will. I guess some people need it, some don’t. It makes me feel whole inside, there’s a certain factor of freedom we get from internalizing this message, which is corroborated in “Is This thing On?”, on Borders and Boundaries.
The reason why this post was going to be about Billie Joe Armstrong is that Green Day’s got a song called “No Pride” that seems to walk the same line, though the Less Than Jake guy tells it even straighter, and with more of a sense of humor. Think of him next time you’re not a loser, though I know you won’t.

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