“Method Man — The Luckiest Member of Wu-Tang”

I’d like to preface this by saying that GZA is still the BEST, just listen to the grittiness of Pro Tools, he’s still got it. One album every ten years is more than enough to sustain proof of this in him, at this point.
And I could just as easily replace the word “luckiest” in the title of this post with “smartest,” it all depends on how you look at life. I mean are people born into their own countenances, demeanors and behavioral tendencies, to say nothing of circumstances, and exact geographical locations?
Anyway, Method Man has Redman, and how sweet it is. You can go back to The W from 2000, listen to track four, “Redbull,” named after, guess who? “Do I gotta explain / How I tame and lock the rap game singlehanded? / Hell naw I won’t tell you son / If I find a wack idea I’ll sell you one.” Sit back and bask, he really does say that, and it’s got its bliss, and then some. I don’t even remember what Method Man says on this track.
Let’s fast forward now to 2012, to Red & Meth’s Blackout 2. I just switched to the middle of a random song toward the end of the album, and it’s track 12, Redman going, “Oh ma god yes oh ma god / I be sellin’ sour D’s in my home garage / Now the ni**az on my block say I’m on my job / ‘Cause I’m rockin’ more chains than the Amistad.” Oh, that’s all, just the funniest, awesomest, most best line I’ve ever heard in hip-hop. Once again, very little interest in what Method Man says on this album. The ghetto John Dryden has rocked the mic, and spread fear.
Sadly Inspectah Deck seems to have fallen into the U-God trap — trying to do too much alone. Actually, I’m checking what I put in the title of this piece. Method Man is the WISEST member of Wu-Tang, must give credit where credit is due. Now countless will imitate, the more shameful few might hate, but the fact is, Method Man, nothing against Pretty Toney, who has definitely put out some inspirational material in the last ten years, Method Man is the real “Ghost-Face” of the clan — now you see him, now you don’t, and lately, it’s been a lot of “you don’t.”

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