“It’s How You Show it”

Lacy was super mutual and cool. We’d been hanging out since 6, and then came the showing of Hello, Dolly. Real chill vibe of course, nothing like our performance last week. Eamon was there though from overseas and I was so nervous speaking to him that I spilled my wine glass! The other people around were super nice about it though, and I got another one, thank god!
Well so and then the show was about to start, but Lacy was talking to some people from Swan Lake, so I just kind of drifted around the emptying green room. I looked at my phone and thought about texting my friend Tracey. But the night was young, obviously!
Sometimes I feel like nothing can stand in my way of a good time. There were these guys over in the corner looking through the program archives, and I was feeling a little ballsy from the wine so I decided to just go over there and talk to them! What tenacity. They were super nice from the start, seeing me walk up and both smiling and nodding. One of them even had smudgy shoes on, so I knew I was in no Badlands, they’d be cool. I noticed they were looking at the Cats! program. Oh god! I wonder if they’ll notice me on the cover!
“Haha,” one said, sounding kind of stoned, “I like these cats people. Look at these cats. They’re like all wilin’.”
He looked around, then continued, looking at one of the made up faces.
“Well,” he said, “if you can ignore this one.”
His friend laughed.
I looked at his finger and had a surreal moment, he was talking about me. I played it cool, took another sip of my burgundy. It was going to be ok, I told myself.
“He’s like someone’s little brother,” I heard the guy continue. “He snuck in or something.”
I noticed, taking a look up from my wine glass, that his friend was looking at ESPN on his phone. His friend finally laughed. I thought back to that Cats! performance. It seemed like just another one, which was a good thing. Bad things happened when you got too money hungry, and I didn’t care about that aspect of things, and more than anything, I was hypnotized by myself, entranced in what I was doing on the stage with Becky, Shelly and Isabel. It had been a good night, that night.

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