“Dream Manipulation of the Potential Reality of the Ego in Train (sic)”

I’d always found “Drops of Jupiter” by Train to be one of those songs that you make fun of like it’s your job, but that you really don’t mind hearing, at the end of the day or the beginning. I mean who would get that wound up over a girl?
The answer? No one. I found out today that the song is about singer Patrick Monohan’s late mother. Also that the lyrics came in sleep to artist. 17 or so good old hangover tears later, I’d culminated viewing of the video, observing the undeniably genuine countenance of the singer throughout, and definitely felt a little better.
Also it’s good that not many people know that the song is about his late mother, instead of some latte-sipping girlie. The impact would be so great that Monohan would have likely been assassinated by now… sorry for the dark joke, but actually, the song in fact may not have been as successful, particularly with the pre-college audience, the topic in this case, were it overtly parent-projected, not as marketable. And it’s certain of the lyrics that give the idea that the song’s simply about a girl: things like how the person comes back from Heaven, rather than staying there, and how there’s a fleeting mention of romance. I’m not sure what this means, but I went back upstairs at my hostel to the room, from where the TV had been, and my bunkmate was just arising, the last one of the morning to do so, well after 10, and he was the friendliest bloke in the joint.

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