“Majority’s Rules”

I’m a firm believer that good writing will necessarily at some point become too depressing to finish. So that discussion emerges as in order. Sort of like if there were a black hole that were the opposite of the sun, and you stared at this too long, it causes your mind to unravel from too much concentration and too much consideration of a lethal, often ornery world.
I’m not sure, but I bet that people who truly need to read are the same people who see the foolishness of horror films. Anyhow, good writing and scary movies serve in fact the same end: exercise of the mental state. The inner condition needs for morphing, just as the instincts beckon to catalyze a change in the physical surroundings as well. People who read are those who want change, and they are truly living lives that have the potential to be meaningful, whereas most people just watch TV and movies.

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