“Street Knowledge Displayed on TV”

This was good to see yesterday — Boamani Jones, one of the newer additions to the best show on television I’ve seen, ESPN’s “Around the Horn,” discussing Vince Young. Apparently the ex-NFL quarterback worked out with his alma mater, Texas, at a skills showcase/televised practice sort of deal. I can’t remember exactly what they called it. Either way, it was meant as a publicity boost, usually just for the college kids.
Young had a tenure in the NFL full of ordeals, things like puzzling media interviews and disappointing play on the field. His critics have labeled him an egomaniac, not entirely without foundation.
“Around the Horn,” for anyone not familiar, is where a group of four “panelists” brought onto the show, who are journalists for major urban newspapers, respectively, voice their opinions in turn regarding myriad issues, this one yesterday included. The general consensus, and it appeared on the show’s “Buy or sell?” segment, where the participants take turn “buying” or “selling” a decision made by a public figure, the general consensus was a “sell.”
Jones was the only one to “buy.” His reasoning was, simply, the guy needs a job. Pretty cut and dry. Not going to win him an Emmy. Not cute, not sexy, the guy needs a job. I don’t know Vince Young, obviously, didn’t even really catch that good of a glimpse of him at the publicity practice, but I can tell a guy who truly appreciates the job he has, and is it ever refreshing.

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