Do you ever think about the idea of the exact person who made up the term “chillin'”? That had to be a cool ass motherfu**er. Maybe in a packed apartment in the middle of Queens with no AC, and maybe the fridge had just run out of beer.
There’s a girl out in Colorado who reminds me of that. She was always stoned in the grocery store I worked at. She was dark skinned, Cambodian or something, and she’d always be in the grocery store with one of her friends getting like an Honest Tea or something. I’d ask her if she was finding everything alright and she’d just nod, smiling at me and cracking up.
Most people out in Boulder, Colorado were really stuck up, so this girl, from a retail morale standpoint, was a real diamond in the rough. Although I never understood why she was always laughing. There was nothing I could do about it. I looked deeply into her eyes, and there was only nonchalance. Is it idleness, or a godsend?

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