“Day 4 Addenda: Mix for Chris”

1 Nirvana – “Something in the Way” 2 The Beatles – “Blackbird” 3 Bon Iver – “Lump Sum” 4 Smashing Pumpkins – “Perfect”   5 The Dandy Warhols – “Sleep” 6 The Wallflowers – “Three Marlenas” 7 Kristin Hersh – “Baseball Field” 8 Real Estate – “The Bend” 9 Live – “Turn My Head” 10 […]

“Most Popular Ween Songs: The Popular Vote’s Power Rankings (This is Not a ‘Dolby’s’ List)”

.. I just made a startling discovery about Ween: it’s now been over 10 years since they put out their last studio album, the genre-shifting but ultimately underwhelming La Cucaracha. In light of this knowledge, though, it’s all the more surprising (though if you’re into the band it’s more gratifying than surprising) that even with […]

“Mix 04102017”

Yo La Tengo – “The Summer” Rolling Stones – “Jumping Jack Flash” Wilco – “One by One” (live) The Romantics – “What I Like about You” Jane’s Addiction – “Of Course” Pearl Jam – “Nothingman” Ray Charles – “Georgia on My Mind” Curtis Mayfield – “No Thing on Me” Marcy Playground – “St. Joe on […]