“Diamond Nuisances”

Spotify playlist. .. Here is my entry! This was a pretty solid work mix I made when I was cooking and washing dishes, lugging my CD player in there for some serious tuneage. Enjoy. .. https://kexp.org/mixtape/?fbclid=IwAR2_AQaDt-Ax6hg_qhWAq7p98lwAO20GnhGPsS_FT8N8dHHZFFCZR0HKPu4 (KEXP Mixtape contest) ..

“Dolby’s 20 by 20”

To be perfectly honest, I’m feeling pretty shi**y today emotionally, and this is something I thought I’d do to help my mood. Basically, I’ve chosen 20 musical artists in rock or rap history, each of which I think has at least 20 classic songs, and showcased them here in chronological order, with the songs themselves […]