“DD Readers’ Poll: Rewriting Remember the Titans/Soundtracking the Victory Scene”

.. Anonymous #1: I think a lot of Rush’s instrumental passages would work well as sports-highlights background music… So does Tubthumping. .. DD’s selection: Godsmack – “Voodoo” You might think this song is too slow to vibe a heavy-hitting football game, but actually, I was thinking also that they could put in some dramatic slow-motion […]

“’90s Music Geeks Warm up to Vinyl and Make a Totally ‘Rad’ Ultimate Collection on it”

“Hey, Len. We’re collected here today to put together the first ever ‘90s vinyl best-of sampler.” “How the he** do you sample on a vinyl? You can’t even switch tracks.” “With a lot of coolness.” “Huh?” “And hipness.” “Wow. Sounds great.” “Ok. Let’s see what songs were good in the ‘90s. I have this Forever […]