“DD Review: Dessa – Chimes.”

Score: 8/10 . Dessa’s first new album in five years, Chimes, makes something known that should have been obvious all along to those who had any clue she was part of Doomtree (ahem, not me): this chick can RAP! Now, I have to say, we’re in the time of the year right now where the […]

“DD Review: Stone Temple Pilots – Alive in the Windy CityYoutube Video

Score: 9/10 .. Setlist: . “Vasoline” “Crackerman” “Wicked Garden” “Hollywood Bit**” “Between the Lines” “Hickory Dichotomy” “Big Empty” “Sour Girl” “Creep” “Plush” “Interstate Love Song” “Bagman” “Huckleberry Crumble” “Sex Type Thing” “Dead & Bloated” “Lounge Fly” “Piece of Pie” “Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart” .. Ok, here’s where I should probably say […]

“DD Review: Echo & the Bunnymen – The Stars, The Oceans & the Moon.”

Score: 7.5/10 . I feel a little weird scoring Echo & the Bunnymen, since obviously, their reputation precedes them: they’re complete indie rock legends, covered by Pavement and grossly underrated all these years I believe, as I’ve always vastly preferred them to their counterparts Joy Division. Appropriately enough, 2009’s romping classic The Fountain went criminally […]