“DD Review: Khruangbin – Mordechai.”

Score: 9/10 The great rapper Noah23 once said, “Sometimes… you’ve GOT to let go”. You might say, then, if you were like neurotic about allotting specific, designated objectives to all the bands you listen to (which I imagine some John Cusack-akin individuals in the 1990s might have been), that Khruangbin (which I finally figured out […]

“DD Review: No Age – Goons Be Gone.”

Score: 10/10 Once upon a time this band from LA became the best band on the planet. It happened overnight. They got the right manager. They were on just the right label, which got them mainstream promotion, radio play and even an unlimited music video budget. They belted out Aerosmith-akin guitar riffs over groove-funk rhythmics. […]

“DD Review: Wire – Mind Hive.”

Score: 9/10 One side of me gets so up in arms when I see Wire described as “art punk” on Wikipedia. After all, punk rock, at its mid-’70s onset (into which Wire themselves fed a key tinge of reckless abandon), was the anti-art — the dumb, loud and glorious reaction to the contrived, style-over-substance world […]

“DD Review: Zeroh – BLQLYTE.”

Score: 9.5/10 Track three of Zeroh’s new album, “Metacine,” opens with a half-muffled spoken-word sound bite over ambient jazz: “Europeans have no woman god in their mythology / But we do / So what of the African mind in the West?” The track (I hesitate to call any of these events “songs,” much less “jams” […]