“DD Review: Echo & the Bunnymen – The Stars, The Oceans & the Moon.”

Score: 7.5/10 . I feel a little weird scoring Echo & the Bunnymen, since obviously, their reputation precedes them: they’re complete indie rock legends, covered by Pavement and grossly underrated all these years I believe, as I’ve always vastly preferred them to their counterparts Joy Division. Appropriately enough, 2009’s romping classic The Fountain went criminally […]

“DD Review: Singing Lungs – Groan

Score: 4/10 . Ultimately, I think, the exact thing that provides the Singing Lungs’ debut album Groan with its initial fisty appeal is also what confines it: its obstinate, unwavering simplicity. Well, I guess I should have known from their Bandcamp blurb that I was dealing with a pretty meat-and-potatoes enterprise, that they’re a “band […]