“Ok, the 30th Anniversary Hoop-La is over. Now Let’s Get down to the Brass Tacks of What’s Really Going on at Sub Pop.”

Sub Pop is an alternative/indie rock record label located in Seattle, Washington, originally spawned in the 1980s out of the “Subterranean Pop” fanzine/record compilations that label founder Bruce Pavitt orchestrated prior. Well documented in the excellent grunge documentary Hype!, the Sub Pop label is auspicious for having housed Nirvana’s 1989 debut album Bleach, which of […]

“Head Automatic Notes”

  – Drummer Larry Gorman was fired in October 2006. – Gorman was replaced by “New York hardcore veteran Sammy Siegler” in August 2007, according to Wikipedia. – Wikipedia reports that “Head Automatica started pre-production on their third album in late September 2007, aiming for a ‘darker’ sound and ‘grimy, dancefloor-friendly songs.’”  This very […]