“Tracing the Theme Repetition at the End of a Pop Song to Herman’s Hermits (Something Your Grand Pappy Already Knows, Probably)”

I just noticed something about Green Day just I think yesterday when I was thinking about it: their new album (Revolution Radio, which I guess is like a year old now) is actually DEPRESSING, of all things. I mean sure, Billie Joe Armstrong had always said things like “When masturbation’s lost its fun you’re fu**ing […]

“Shopping for Music, Fall 2017”

Wow, remember when “shopping for music” meant going out to a place called a “record store” and browsing for the specific RECORDINGS you wanted to purchase? Today I went out “shopping for music” in a different way, at Best Buy [1], to sift and rummage through, and maybe dissect one single percentage of, all the […]