“Dolby’s Definitive AC/DC Playlist”

Something strange within the music industry without question is that there’s no “Best of AC/DC” disc or collection available anywhere. There’s no “The Essential AC/DC,” there’s no “Greatest Hits,” no “The Best We Could Do” or anything corny like that. The closest thing we get is probably AC/DC Live, which to be sure is at […]

“Saturday Night Lie: How ‘Comedic’ Trump Trolling Encompasses a Complete Materialization of Frank Zappa’s Dystopic View of Politics”

When I first saw the semi-famous quote from Frank Zappa, that “Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex,” [1] [2] [3] I have to admit it was a hefty step ahead of me: I still believed in, if nothing else, at least our leaders’ proclivities for acting as good role models for young […]