“Film Spotlight: Crossfire Hurricane.”

Ok, you’re really gonna hate me for this one: I discovered this flick which appropriately enough, came out the same year, 2012, as Ice-T’s equally underrated doc. Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap, by googling “Crossfire Hurricane” to find out about the Trump scandal, an entity which also surely mystifies me. Sorry, I promise […]

“Orange Stars on Dark Blue”

Were the assassinations of all those ’60s leaders conspiracies, or acts of individuals? What about Kurt Cobain’s death? These are things I’ve often thought of before, but, actually upon taking a couple more deep listens to Modest Mouse’s song “People as Places as People,” part of me feels like it doesn’t even matter. Maybe we’re […]

Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae is a Schizophrenic Grab Bag Composed Partially of Semi-Permanent Etude and Otherwise of Atrocious, Rehashed and Machinated Mainstream Goop”

Janelle Monae is an aesthetic celebrity masquerading as a musician. Somewhere out there, I imagine, is the perfect person, in tune with what’s going on with music but somehow ignorant of who this latest pop bimbo Janelle Monae is. Anyway, I’m writing to the 99% of Americans who follow music and who have indeed heard […]