“Dave Matthews Band’s The Central Park Concert is Not Typically Considered One of the Classic Live Albums of All Time… What the Hey?”

For the longest time I had been on this terrible HUMP with the Dave Matthews Band. My first impression, upon hearing “Ants Marching” on the radio in 1995 or so in elementary school, was, This is one crazy Blues Traveler song (maybe better than “Run-Around” and inferior to “Hook”). Then came the gaggle of “What […]

“Rolling Stumped”

Yesterday, a Friday, I found myself with a day off from work and a beautiful day, about 86 degrees, sunny and not too humid. I got a bunch of music listening done in early afternoon and then felt a little burned out on the projects I’d been working on, so it looked like it was […]

“Pontificating on the Prospective Plausibility of The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Covers, and the Partial or Complete Confluence of the Three”

Danger Mouse is leaning back against a wall, sitting down, with no expression on his face. He’s got on an expensive-looking suit and a neatly trimmed beard. He sort of looks like a version of James Mercer, actually, whose eyes you never see. Next to him, Karen O sits, with hair primly styled and face […]