“Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town”

Understandably so, probably, many people harbor a decidedly muddled perspective of the band Pink Floyd. Just to gloss over their situation as it currently stands — as accords to Wikipedia, they are defunct (broken-up), but still have a functional website dedicated thereto, an Internet beacon which has recently made news for David Gilmour’s prohibition of […]

“But B-Sides That…”

For whatever reason, UK pop bands in the late-’80s seemed especially prone to leaving a lot off of their albums, in terms of quality tracks they’d written that probably could have really caught on. This would be sharply contrasted with, of course, groups from the ’90s like Blur and Oasis, who all but completely abandoned […]

“Rap in Summer 2020”

Yeah I went all psycho About the death of George Floyd A dude I’ve never met Between thousands of black crimes . Yeah I busted out windows in Target Everybody suckin’ up to Colin Kaepernick’s giant fro Yeah he got an endorsement with Nike . Poor guy How the hell’s he survivin’ . But I […]