“The Comparative Discourses of The Hives and Bruce Springsteen as Markers for What Phenomenologically Comprises ‘Punk’ and ‘Rock and Roll,’ Respectively”

It’s been nice, lately, by the way, to see both of these musical styles have their identities emphatically stamped with approval in new music, with BEANS compiling a rich album in All Together Now that brings the psychedelia of the Beatles to an updated, tense and Enon-approximating indie territory, and Portland’s Era Bleak bellowing out […]

“‘Had to Go’ by Heartless Bastards Just Might Be the Dystopic, Reality-Singed Anthem of Middle America”

The deck just seemed to be stacked against Cincinnati’s Heartless Bastards from the start. First of all, their hometown, often dubbed “Nasty Natty,” [1] is hardly the worldwide hub of flagship musical manifestations [2]. For release of their albums, they ended up looking to Fat Possum, an independent label way down in the Deep South […]